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Manage stocks, customers, purchases, and all transactions around your business
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If in need of a simple software application to manage your warehouses and to cover the purchasing and invoicing needs of your small business, LakeusWare is an interesting option to consider. It comes with all you need to manage your inventory, customers, and suppliers, and to print and save as PDF pre-formatted purchasing orders, receipts, and invoices.

Suitable for small businesses – and most probably for some medium-sized ones as well –, this invoicing software program includes all the basic tools required to carry out basic management of the products you stock and sell, their prices, and the current inventory.

Before creating any invoice, though, the program will ask you to populate your database with all the basic elements required, such as the items you buy/sell, your customers, warehouses, suppliers, etc. You will start by creating as many “warehouses” or storage locations as needed, and filling them with as many different items as your activities require. When needed, you have the option to transfer items from one location to another. For each item, you can add code, a description, a default purchase price and a sales price, the warehouse quantity alarm level, and a list of suppliers, among other options. You will also need to create comprehensive files of all your customers and suppliers as a previous step.

Some will miss the possibility of classifying items, customers, or suppliers into a meaningful multi-level hierarchy to allow users to group them by activity or other useful categories. However, there is an “Item groups” option at the bottom of the “New item” dialog that will help you relate that item to others, and wise use of the item description and the item code may help you locate all items within the same category. Here is where the size of your inventory or of your customers' list may become an important factor to consider when studying the viability of this product for your business.

The program comes with its own set of pre-formatted documents for printing and archiving purposes – surely a blessing for most users – and with automated database backups and warehouse updates. For most small business owners, LakeusWare is probably all they need to be in control of their inventory, customers, suppliers, and every transaction involving them. It is simple, not too expensive, and with no real learning curve involved.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports an unlimited number of items and warehouses
  • Includes pre-formatted models for invocies, purchase orders, etc
  • Can apply several suppliers to the same item
  • Support for item groups


  • Comes in a somehow lame and monotonous interface
  • Items, suppliers, or customers support no multi-level categorization
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